Saturday, May 26, 2007

Big Sam's Funky Nation

I went down to the "Jack of the Wood" nightclub tonight and sat in with Big Sam's Funky Nation. They will definitely funk you out of your seat. Big Sam used to be the trombonist for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and I can see why he went out on his own. Sam has good stage presence, a Big solid sound and a tight, well rehearsed group of musicians behind him. He puts on a good show and really knows how to keep the audience moving. It really is hard to stay in your seat while they are playing.
You can check out some of their music on the website at:
They have CDs and other collectibles available on the site along with their touring schedule and much more. Big Sam's Funky Nation recently played at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
and they will once again be touring with Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint this summer, hitting the Europe Festival circuit for the month of July.
Be sure to check them out.

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